About Us

We are a representative fastpitch softball program that believes that athletes who are committed to hard work and have enthusiasm for their sport become better players, better team-mates and better people.  The proof is in our players' achievements: many have represented Alberta at the post-Provincial level, and several are playing softball at the collegiate level. Quite a few have applied their skills, experience and LOVE of THE GAME to teaching younger players through local coaching and mentoring opportunities.  It's their sense of personal accomplishment and the desire to give back that pays dividends to the community, now and in the future.


For the Love of the Game!

River City Softball has been built on a philosophy of the LOVE OF THE GAME. Every member of River City, players, coaches, and families have a passion for being part of a team and helping everyone find success.  We believe success is more than just winning. Success is about a philosophy of development, goals, discipline, focus -- and HAVING A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF FUN!  Success is also more than an individual, it's about being part of a team, part of a family.  At River City, we try to instill these core values within all of our teams, coaches, athletes, and development programs.  As we develop programs and individuals, we look to develop them as a whole, we do this by helping each other achieve athletic as well as personal goals.

Our fastpitch softball program happens to be based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Over the years, we have attracted many athletes from around Western Cananda to participate in our development programs and play on our winning fastpitch softball teams.  As we have developed athletes, many have gone onto enjoy college scholarships within Canada and the United States.  One of our own River City Athletes Becki Monaghan, was recently selected to play for Team Canada!

If you are interested in hearing more about our love and passion for the game, please contact Rob Campbell at kercam@telus.net or by phone 780-908-2543.  Please note if you start talking ball with Rob, you might not get off the phone! 🙂